Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Wow, 2012 is here!!! I can not believe how the last 3 months have gone by so quickly!! We had a great Christmas, mostly just hung with our families and enjoyed the Christmas spirit and each other. The kids enjoyed their presents, Presley said it was "The best Christmas ever!"
New Year's was quiet, just games and food with friends.

And now the beginning of a whole new year. No big plans right now, the weather hasn't been co-operating, and we have VERY little snow, and warm temperatures. It feels like April rather than January. Sledding hasn't really been an option yet. Which means we will probably get all our snow in May!! Let's hope that's not the case.

At the beginning of this year, I am so grateful for a beautiful sweet family. We are all healthy, and have so much to be grateful for. We live in a beautiful place, and enjoy freedom and safety here. I am grateful for all we have and hope that this year brings the same health and happiness we now enjoy.

Happy New Year to all of you and may you all be blessed with health and happiness as well!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Our family lost our dear grandpa/great grandpa on November 30, 2011. He died in Ashton with many of his loved ones on this side of the veil and I am sure many from the other side were there to welcome him home.
His funeral was on Saturday, December 3rd. It was a lovely funeral, and many friends and family were able to attend. It was so nice to have our whole family together even though it was for a sad event. We all wore red as that was grandpas favorite color. In fact it was about the ONLY color he would wear. Especially toward the end of his life.
Grandpa loved life. He was a hard worker but also found time to play and have a good time as well. He loved anything outdoors, golf, fishing, riding horses, hunting, just about anything outdoors!
Some of my memories of grandpa are of working in the potato cellar and pulling boards with my sister brother and cousins. Somehow we sure made it a fun time! I also remember many family dinners at grandma and grandpas house where all of the cousins and aunts and uncles were gathered for a huge meal whether it was super bowl Sunday, Thanksgiving, Christmas or just a normal day. Grandma always had tons of food and we all had so much fun. I will always remember grandpas loud boisterous voice and he loved to tease and sound gruff, but we knew he loved us. He had a nickname for everyone he knew well. My name was MaggyMagoo and he called me that everywhere we went even until he passed away. I have never heard him call me Megan ever. When the doctors would ask who brought him to his appointment, he would say Maggy Magoo! Grandpa loved Christmas. He was probably up before any of us kids just waiting for the call that they could come down and watch us open our gifts. Then when David and I had our own kids, Grandpa and Grandma would come and watch them open their presents. That is something I will always treasure. Grandpa always spoiled us too, we always had lots of gifts from him and Grandma. In fact I think he enjoyed the Christmas shopping more than Grandma did! I have many more memories, but those are my favorite.
I was very blessed to have been able to help take care of Grandpa his last summer here. I will always be so grateful that I was here to help him plant beautiful flowers in his yard one last time and watch baseball and bake his favorite, apple pie, for him. We went berry picking, and spent a little time at the farmers market. I come from great stock, and can't wait for the day when we will all be together again. I am so grateful to know that we WILL be together again someday!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


November for our family started off with a trip to the hospital for Presley who had to have her appendix taken out on the 1st of November. She came into our bedroom about 4 a.m. Tuesday morning and said her stomache hurt. I told her to go back to bed she had just eaten too much candy the night before from trick-or-treating. She came back a while later still hurting and wanting medicine or something to help her feel better and I basically told her the same thing and so on until about 7 I asked her to show me where it hurt exactly. She pointed to the lower right side and I began to wonder if thats what it was. A bit later she had a hard time walking and steadily refused to walk so we took her to aunt Nichole who affirmed that it was probably appendicitis and sent us to the surgeon on call, Dr. Coray. He took her appendix out about 530 that evening and after a night in the hospital we were able to go home Wednesday evening. Presley is doing better and still taking it slow but went back to school yesterday. She was a toughy though and didn't cry once. Not even when they were poking her with needles!! She was a trooper. Her eyes started to water a bit when she asked me if she would have to stay the night in the hospital and I said yes. She quickly recovered when I said either David or I would stay with her the whole time. Poor thing thought we were just gonna drop her and run! I stayed with her that night and we had the best nurses the whole time.

The boys have been wrestling and doing an amazing job!! Both have won almost all of their matches and the ones they have lost have been really good matches and we are so proud of them!! They both got their report cards and Bryer has straight A's and Chet all A's one B and one C in math. He takes after me there I guess and we will have to work on that a bit to get it up. But they are doing so well and their teachers all had wonderful things to say about both of them at perent teacher conference. They are such great kids!!!

This November month of giving thanks I will say that I am TRULY thankful for my amazing family! All the kids were so concerned for Presley when she was sick and so gentle with her when she came home. They just showed such love and I am so grateful for that. I am so thankful for a beautiful clean hospital and doctors and nurses that are so well trained. We are so blessed to live here where we have those blessings. We are so blessed to have kids who are healthy in body and mind. David and I are both healthy and I am so thankful for that as well! THe list goes on and on and I could list a million that I take for granted each day, but I will save that for a different day!!

Hopefully the rest of November will be a little more uneventful!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Catching up

Ok, so I probably won't win any best blogger awards anytime soon. I can't believe it's been a whole summer and most of a fall since my last entry! Time flies! I will just sum up what I can remember of the summer. We had a great family reunion in June at Cortney's house in Burley. Went to the City of rocks, ate lots of great food, and just enjoyed lots of family time! I was a girls camp leader for our ward's awesome young women at Darby Girls camp. Had a blast with my other camp leaders and all the young women!! We did some camping this summer, not as much as we would have liked, but more than the last few summers! We love to camp in our family!!! Summer was short and we never got too hot which was awesome! I hate any temps over 85. I spent a lot of time this summer taking care of my grandparents in their home. What a wonderful opportunity that has been!! Entertaining, a little frustrating at times, but overall, wonderful experience. I have wonderful roots. I have thoroughly loved getting to know them a little better and loved having my kids get to know them too! School started in August, Bryer in 8th grade, Chet in 6th, and Presley in 1st grade. Next year, I will have one in high school, (yikes!!) and only one at home!! So crazy! I also ran in the Grand Teton Relay on a team of 12 from Ashton to Jackson. Sooo fun!! It was hard but what a sense of accomplishment and I cant wait to run next year again!! Fall has been absolutely beautiful as it always is in this beautiful valley, and relatively warm. Bryer shot his first bull elk yesterday and was so excited as were all of us!! Bryer and Chet both started wrestling and have thier first meet on Thursday in Challis! We are going to leave early and drive through Salmon and see a few friends first and I am soooo excited! I miss Salmon so much. Well that's a very vague quick summary of the last several months, but maybe I will get better! DOn't count on it but you never know!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Quick Note

I haven't posted in a while so i figured I would quickly run through the latest. We are fighting winter still snow on the ground almost every morning. YUCK! So ready to havea little spring weather. I would kill for even 50 degrees!

The kids are getting ready for school to be out and me too I must say. Presley is getting to be a pretty good reader and is doing great in kindergarten but is getting excited to be a first grader! Bryer and Chet are also doing well in school and just finished up spring wrestling. Chet has really improved and is enjoying wrestling more than he used to.

Bryer just turned 13 in march. Yikes! Kind of scary to have a teenager!! He is going to be moving pipe this summer for uncle Gary and is excited to make his own money.

Dawson is just doing his thing and is probably the happiest kid around. He loves everyone and is just a generally happy kid. He is my sweet heart!

Caleigh is just as cute as can be and of course rules the house. Terrible two's are very trying but the sweet moments kind of cancel out the terrible ones. We are so excited for summer to get here eventually so we can enjoy the outdoors.

I am missing Salmon weather, activities, and so many good friends, but it is alson nice to be back in Teton Valley again.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Its Been a While!

It has been a while since I have had a chance to post so here is a little update. Our bowling alley sold so we moved back to Tetonia over Christmas break. We miss Salmon so much but it is nice to be back by family and old friends. The kids were excited to meet up with thier old friends again. They both snowboarded for winter sports and love it. Presley made new friends and is doing so well in school as well as started violin lessons. All three boys are doing wrestling and enjoy that. It's Dawson's first year and he is so cute out there on the mat! Caleigh is going on her 5th day of going in the potty with only one accident!! Yay!! I HATE potty training!!! We bribed her and she is doing so well!!

So last night at bedtime the kids were asking if a guy from the area who has been missing had been found yet, and I said no and we talked about strangers. I said to Dawson, "Do you know what to do if someone you don't know comes up and asks you if you want to some candy or to see something in his car?" and he says, "Yes thank you!!" He was just as polite as could be and was not turning away free candy. We had a little laugh over that but hopefully got the point across after about strangers.

Last weekend I met my bowling team from Salmon in Twin and had such a great time seeing them again!! I even bowled my first 200 game ever!! It was so awesome! I stopped and saw Cortney's beautiful new home and visited them a little bit too. Had a great weekend.

The weekend before last, we went to Sun Valley to listen to my cousin David speak in church. He just got home from a mission in Connecticut, and it was so good to see and hear him speak. He served an awesome mission!! He has grown and learned so much. A lot of family was there and it was great to see everyone I hadn't seen in a long time! I have such amazing family!! So blessed!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I just posted, but forgot to mention the funniest things Dawson has been saying lately. The other day he goes, "Mom, I know everything you know." Really..... Now he says it at least once a day. He also came up and told me, "Mom, I have more friends than Gerald." Gerald is one of the kids who works the machines in the back on league nights. TOO funny! He also lately has had some imaginary friends who to him are NOT imaginary. One is Airplane. And he talks about Airplane quite often. The other was Sally. She doesn't get mentioned very often. Anyways, forgot to blog that in my earlier post!



A hospital visit for presley

A hospital visit for presley

All Stars

All Stars


Bryer is in the red

Chet getting a hold of one!

Chet getting a hold of one!

Caleigh 2 months


Caleigh has such cute little feet!